Default settings

Just like computer programs, I have a lot of default settings. These settings are good enough to get started to and run with program, but not necessarily optimal or efficient. 

More often than not, I act and react to my thoughts and emotions on an autopilot setting.

Once I am aware of my default setting, fun starts when I play with it. Change the configs, test out, deploy etc. 

I can change my default behaviour to many day-to-day interactions, life events. It takes a bit of practice, patience and acceptance to failure. I can rollback the changes if it causes more harm than good. 

These days I seem to looking for short cuts and 'best practices' but that already seems dangerous. Like Morpheus says "There is a difference between knowing the path & walking the path"

Oh also, my default actions and reactions makes me more vulnerable. Given these are well known behaviour setting, it is easy for someone to exploit them. Just like exploiting unsecure IoT devices with admin/admin username-password combinations!

The above thought is inspired/copied from this talk/video