"Lessons for the young man"

  Oh you gonna lie, my boy
  You gonna use some cheap tears and cry
  Just know, it is okay to lie

  Oh you gonna lose, my boy
  You will, again and again
  Just know it is okay to cry

  Dreams go awry, my boy
  You will hit the rock bottom
  Just know we all have been there

  Look around, fun is over
  You will soon start day in and day out
  Just know it is okay to go slower

  'What is the point', don't ask my boy
  We know none the better
  Just create your own bubble soon, we will join

Watering the plastic plants

Don't want to watch the birds and the bees
He knows not the sounds of rains and seas
Never knew how the flowers smell
or even how the rivers swell

Ain't got no time, because he is busy
watering the plastic plants

She heard that critters are dying
long gone are the many birds, they say
There is little hope, if at all
Don't know if kids would play in the woods again

Ain't got no time to think, because she is busy
watering the digital plants

We still hear about the kids in Africa
or the bombs in Syria
But it ain't our problem you see
those seem so far away

Ain't got no time to worry, because we are busy
watering the plastic plants

The new connections

There is much to say

There is much to know

Not sure if I should say

Not sure if you want to hear

I'm all ears

I'm just waiting for the words

We've got only one chance

We've got only one way

Here I am

There you are

When will it happen

If at all, will it happen

Can I make it happen

Will you make it happen

I feel it's right

Do you feel the same

Buddha, be cool

I've got places to be
Many a things to see
Gotta make whole lotta love
Got many cars to drive
And I say, `Buddha, be cool!`
Monies to make
Gotta eat the whole cake
Planes to catch
Many plans to hatch
And I say, `Buddha, be cool`
I gotta run now
And I ought to say wow!
I've got places to be,
Many a things to see
And I say, `Buddha, be cool!`
[Look at this painting! - http://art.thepurplehue.com/2012/05/buddha.html]