Living in a city

Just by living in a city, it feels as if I am adding more extra carbon into the atmosphere. City forces a certain life style on us. While many parts of such imposition seem like a choice, I wouldn't blame myself if I lean towards choices that offer more comfort than otherwise.

This is just an example: Working late night? Want to make a visit to a friend's place late evening? Well, now I have to take a cab, given the state of roads and public transport.

On the other hand - in this city, simple pleasures of life are expensive. Want a quiet, calm place to live? Need clean air? Would you like plenty sunlight into your house? All these simple pleasures, however natural they are, will cost a heavy price.

Now if I consider the climate crisis that is unfolding around us, I can't help but think that living in a city essentially is a silent consent and acceptance that I am a part of problem. If I continue living in a city and yet complain about environment degradation, I am living a hypocritical life.