Pushing the limits

Our reality is a collection of our individual intents and imaginations. These individual intents and imaginations drive us to our future as well.

There seems to be an inertia that holds us back from acting on these intents and imaginations . Our imaginations and intents convert to action only if they are strong.  

History is full of stories about how a single person's imagination and intent created our past.[ note: history is also perceptible to narrative fallacy and survivorship bias heavily. ] 

Strength of our collective imagination and intent plays a major role in the probabilistic nature of our future reality.

If our current reality makes me go "wow it is nice" feel, then perhaps time to push the boundaries of my imagination and intent. If it makes me go "what a clusterf***, then time to attract other people towards my personal intent and imaginations.

That is the major reason behind why we should "Push our limits" every moment.