Look what kittens brought home!

This late evening, kittens were huddled around something and were very alert! It usually means trouble. It was.

They caught a neat little baby snake! Later Shaleen of http://www.indiansnakes.org/ later identified this baby as Common Wolf Snake. They are non-venomous, nocturnal snakes.


After chasing the kittens away, I inspected the baby snake for damages. It wasn't hurt, luckily. I couldn't identify the baby snake, it didn't look like a cobra, viper, nor a krait. I took the baby snake inside the house where there was better light, grabbed the camera and took few pics. 


Kittens, all three of them, weren't too happy with my meddling and wanted their toy back. I had to take the baby snake away before I could figure out better light and camera setting to get good pics :-/

Anyway, baby snake is now swimming happily along the rain water stream near by, and kittens found some other distractions to keep themselves busy for the night. 

So cool to see this fairly unknown snake, that too a baby!