A cobra visited us on Naga panchami!

So, Mom and I were drinking coffee this evening, which happens to be Naga Panchami festival. Mom had given the offering of flowers, camphor, coconut and bananas to bunch of Cobra statues this morning!

Just about then, I see this slithering shape crawling right in front of the house. With no hesitation, I called out to mom, 'Maa, nagara haavu!' and ran for the camera.

I clicked a few pics with a wide angle lens, then asked mom to keep an eye on the cobra and went inside in search of better lens! The cobra though was not in any hurry and was just slowly heading, with no particular destination in mind!

With my trusty 100mm lens, I ventured out, stalking the cobra. Of course, cobra warned me early on itself! Now it had already crossed the granite floor and had crawled into the garden. It had rained heavily and there were rain water puddles everywhere.

I managed to get some close ups, and then I stopped clicking photos and just watched this glorious fearsome creature crawl towards the bushes near by. within few moments it disappeared!

What a nice, pleasant surprise to see a beautiful cobra on the day we worship them!