Cuttlefish and its bone

It was a cloudy late afternoon, and on this fateful evening Harsha went to the sea shore, hoping to have a good run, because he had just eaten a heavy lunch at his neighbour's. He was also dreading the upcoming Navaratri, where he has to eat the same special lunches everyday for next 10 days. As such, he hoped to get back to runner's rhythm and not feel ‘ugggh’. 

While on his run, he noticed many a dead cuttlefishes, as well as jellyfishes. Trying his best not to stop while running, he promised himself that he would spend time on the beach after the run, and inspect these dead creatures to see if they are tweet-worthy.

The heavy meal didn't help much with running. So, he cut short his run by a kilo meter, and went investigating these creatures. Soon, he found a small lump of weird thing, which later turned out to be a cuttlefish.

This fish, having long lost its bodily features, wasn't rotten yet. Harsha picked it up, smelled it, poked it around and turned it upside down. "Aha!" he exclaimed, to no one in particular. He could see what looked like a bone! Using his bare fingers, he cleaned the skin off, to see the bone clearly, still inside the dead body.

For long time, some 20 years or so, he had been wondering where in the cuttlefish this bone exists. He doesn't have to wonder any more. Now, if he can somehow squeeze out this bone right out of this fish, he could find closure, and thus never have to wonder again ever about cuttlefishes while running. Also, who knows, this could be tweet-worthy and might even get a few likes.

Thus, Harsha started to see if he can put enough pressure to break the skin off. Holding his cellphone is one hand, because there is always a chance of a rogue wave that would sneak up and drench his short, should he keep his phone inside his short's pockets. Clearly, this man has learnt from his repeated mistakes. Thus, using one hand and one leg, he started dig in to the body to squeeze out the bone. "Surely this man has lost his mind" is what a bystander would have thought, if there were any. 

He had to put quite a lot of pressure and soon he found himself staring at the cuttlefish bone, fresh out of its protective body, out in the open, ready to be tweeted/emailed/blogged.

After taking few pictures, he left the fish and its bone, to be taken care by the tides and the winds. He walked along the shore, feeling very productive.