I saw fireflies tonight.

I saw fireflies tonight.
I can not recall the last time I saw fireflies. Its been so long. 

It is an immensely satisfying experience. Especially when you see one unexpectedly. 
I've been thinking of fireflies for last few weeks. Every time I stepped out in the night, I was paying extra attention to notice fireflies. 

Tonight, very unexpectedly I saw one. In the distance, in the garden in front. Such immediate, immense burst of joy

Its totally dark out and I see tiny speck of light. On, off, on off, each time the speck keeps moving around.

Soon, I noticed that its very hilarious to predict its path and fail utterly. Firefly is so smoothly random in its path, that it always surprises me.

Why do fireflies make such light?

Some millions of years ago, an insect's DNA went through a mutation that caused the insect's bum to light up? And that helped the DNA to propagate better? 

Such absurdity.

It has to be a prominent mutation, because to survive such colossal randomness and still survive is an astronomical chance. If it survived that long, it is very possible that this 'bum light' must help the insect to mate. Thus helping the DNA propagation. First step of the whole mating process, perhaps.

Some such logic.

Much easy to say "Its magic" and just enjoy the firefly show.