The Red Box

A slice of toast, half a glass of orange juice and a bite of an apple. That's all she ate for breakfast. You see, she woke up late today. She was waiting till late last night for her man to come home. He didn't, at least that's what she thinks.

She woke up to find no sign of him at home either. But there are subtle misplaced things around, wet bathroom floor and the mild perfume odor tell her that he might have been home late last night and left early this morning.

Well, time to rush to work. Go through the routine at home as quick, careless as possible.

She stepped out of the home and locked her door. Just before she closed it, she noticed a red box on the side of the couch. What is that?

No time to go back check, gotta catch the cab to office. 

She couldn't stop thinking of the red box the whole day. She even did a mental math to see if she could come home to unbox the red box during lunch break. She decided it's a bit childish to actually do that. 

She isn't spontaneous as she used to be. That spontaneous spirit is what attracted him to her, he used to say. What happened in the last few years, she wonders every now and then. The magic seem to have worn off. 

What is that red box, why is it there ? Did he drop it off ? Is it a gift ? What's happening, she wandered off in her chain of thoughts during the tea break. Should she mention it to her colleague? Well, she didn't. She isn't that careless these days. 

The evening rush hour only made it worse for her. She came home, and without any effort she walked to the couch.

Red box is gone.