Year 2018, Paris agreement for fighting climate change has become a joke. Each country is now protecting their own economical interests. Massive number of climate refugees are causing civil riots in many countries. 

Year 2020, scientists discover a new element, called 'chrononium' very thinly spread in the thermosphere of Earth's atmosphere. Nothing groundbreaking, just another entry to periodic table.

year 2022, a young scientist in Asian Centre of Science, observes strange behavior of chrononium at slight changes of temperature. The behavior of the element seem to be not bound by any known physics rules.

Year 2024, MIT in collaboration with CERN are now running computer simulations with chrononium and its effect on various other elements. There is a sense of urgency, only to be let down by human incompetence.

Accidental discovery of effect of chrononium on Quartz crystals is observed. Again, scientists across the world are stunned. This seemingly erratic behavior is causing concern among the imaginative breed of humans. 

Year 2025, average temperature of thermosphere is now above the norm. Previously unheard levels have been reached. 

Year 2028 October 27th 18:36 hours:

All the quartz crystal clocks go haywire. 
Initial minor glitches get amplified to a full blown asynchronous randomness. 
All digital clocks, computers, satellites and computer networks go offline. 
Complete chaos. Utter mayhem. 

No one knows why.

36 minutes later, All the quartz crystal clocks automatically reset to 2128 A.D. October 27th, 18:36 hours.

No one knows why.
Somewhere else in the grand universe, a small older version of time-illusion module got replaced with a new version, by a mechanical arm.