How do things happen?

Human made things happen because someone badly wanted it to happen. Buildings, wars, politics, business, wall-street etc. Bigger things happen when the critical mass for something to happen reaches, and gets executed.

This 'want' could come from any reasoning. Religion, money, fame, love, hunger, survival. Anything, really.

Individually, things happen because we want it to. Lets say I want "X" to happen. Once I (really) badly want "X" to happen, I will start creating the reality around it such that the thing I really want, "X",  can actually happen.

Start ups are one such example.

But, when I start constructing the 'reality' ie, making the probability of "X" happening higher, I should be aware of flaws in thinking about it such as logical fallacies and cognitive biases.

Also, I should be aware of the threats and risk for making "X" happen. 

Being 'mindful' helps a lot for this, on a day-to-day basis. Also, there is a huge difference between knowing and actually doing.

"Do or Do not, there is no try."

This is one good summary: