Yes, that's me! [I am on the right side in the above pic]

I am Sri Harsha

I am a 33 34 35 year old living in Bangalore, Amsterdam, Kundapura, Bangalore currently. I click photos, write some nonsense, and tweet once a while. Always up for new experiences, I believe the goal of 'life' is to collect stories.

I consider myself really fortunate to have gone through many experiences; some nice, some downright scary. If you buy me a beer, I'll be your storyteller for the evening!

Few things I am interested in are: photography, cycling, cooking, running, birds, insects, snakes, all animals except cockroaches, stoicism, Buddhism, physics, astronomy, future of human species, black mirror, sci-fi, marijuana, trekking, mountaineering, singularity, security, short stories, tool, Shpongle, coffee, theatre, privacy, death, education, simulated reality, meditation, hitchhiker's guide to galaxy, 1984, psytrance, painting, game theory and probability.